4 Best Jerky Cutting Board and Knife Review of 2020

weston jerky slicerWhat’s so special about the meat slicer? Many people think that the meat slicer is nothing more than a fancy cutting tool, used to make very short pieces of jerky. The truth is that they are much more useful and versatile.

It is true that a simple meat slicer can cut pieces of meat into thin slices. This is especially useful for keeping meats from spoiling and making them more appetizing, especially in your back yard.

In fact, many people also use their meat slicer for this purpose. However, they are also used for a much more complicated purpose: curing meats, without cooking them first. They are particularly useful when you want to preserve meats like pork, ham and other cuts of meat, as well as for making steak.

weston jerky slicer

A simple meat slicer is just the right tool for cutting meat kitchenpractical.com/best-meat-slicer-for-jerky/ into thin slices without having to worry about cooking the meat first. This makes it perfect for slicing meats that you don’t want to overcook. This can be done for example, when you want to make hamburgers for your family.

You might use your meat slicer to cut the meat into thin slices, but the truth is that you can also cut the meat into long pieces. All you need is to purchase a meat slicer with a meat slicer blade. These have a great choice of meat slicer blades that allows you to slice meat easily.

By simply pressing the blade to the meat, you will get great slice meat, without having to do anything. The best part is that you can just remove the blade from the meat and re-sliced the meat yourself. If you prefer, you can always buy your own meat slicer.

There are different types of meat slicer, which allows you to choose the one that suits your needs. For example, some slicers are manual, others are electric and some have a countertop version. For some kinds of recipes, you might want to choose a slicer that has the capacity to slices beef, beef and pork as well as making venison jerky.

game winner jerky slicer 2020

On the other hand, if you are just slicing meat and keeping it away from heat, you can use your meat slicer with a fan. There are some meat slicers that have a built-in fan for you to place your hand over, so that you can keep your hand near the meat while slicing it. This helps you save your hand and gives you an easier time with your food preparation.

A meat slicer is really the perfect tool if you want to take your meat from simple slicing to cooking. There are however, some great features to look for in a slicer. These features are as follows:

Maintenance: When buying a meat slicer, make sure to check the quality of the slicer, as well as the accessories and all the tools. In case you want to use the slicer for a long time, make sure that you buy a good quality piece. There are some high quality models available in the market, but make sure that you test the equipment thoroughly before you put your trust on it.

Accessories: Accessories can really make a big difference when you plan to buy a meat slicer. You should definitely buy additional meat slicer blades, if you have plans to use your meat slicer for longer periods of time. You should also look for cutlery sets or other accessories that will allow you to eat out more comfortably. On the other hand, if you don’t plan to use your meat slicer for a long time, you can also buy accessories that you can keep on your kitchen for other purposes.

You can find great quality tools at reasonable prices when you shop online. You should do some research about the particular brand that you want to buy, and also compare different brands to get the best deals.

If you want to cook jerky in a food dehydrator, then firstly you have to buy a good jerky cutting board and a knife also.

It is not compulsory that you have to buy these products, but they eventually benefit you in cutting perfect jerky slices which you might dry out in a food dehydrator later on. The maximum quantity of chefs or cooks uses such items to provide a professional turn to their foods. It not merely makes your projects simpler but also provides you a feeling of satisfaction ultimately.

Nevertheless, there are extremely fewer companies on the market that manufacture the products. But don’t be concerned! In this post, we will discuss the three best greatest jerky slicer panel and knife that you can purchase from the marketplace very easily and at an extremely reasonable price from the web buying websites.

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Greatest Jerky Cutting Panel and Knife

Serial NoItem Name
1STAINLESS Jerky Maker Slicing Panel and also Knife
2Hi Mountain Jerky Panel and also Knife Arranged
3TSM Items Jerky Cutting Panel and 10-in . Slicer Knife
4Jerky Board Knife Set Slicer Cut all Meats Beef Chicken Pork Recipe USA Made

1) Shop-ezy Stainless Steel Jerky Cutting Board With Professional Slicing Knife

It is a stainless steel jerky cutting board and knife that works professionally while carving and slicing. It slices the meats uniformly for actually drying. The 10 inches ultra-razor-sharp and the high-quality blade is fairly simple to maintain and clean.

You can take it quickly from the advantage. The pointed and versatile suggestion of the blade assists in getting specific cuts during deboning, trimming, and fileting. You obtain nylon spacers for adjusting the thickness of the cuts.

Technical specifications of Shop-ezy Stainless Steel Jerky Cutting Board With Professional Slicing Knife

Name of the productShop-ezy Stainless Steel Jerky Cutting Board With Professional Slicing Knife
Product dimensions12 x 6 x 1.5 inches
Weight2.2 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Blade size10 inches
Jerky board size6 inches x 12 inches


The following are the features of Shop-ezy Stainless Steel Jerky Cutting Board With Professional Slicing Knife:

  • It is a professional product that slices evenly for dehydrating the meats properly
  • A 10 in . stainless and ultra-sharpened blade also provided for slicing the hard meats
  • The cutting board created from industrial quality and food-grade stainless material
  • It could be quickly clean and kept when needed
  • It includes the slip-resistant feature for even more user comfort while reducing jerky
  • The pointed blade helps in the precise cuts
  • The size of the stainless steel board is 6 inches x 12 inches
  • The nylon spacers provided for altering the trimming thickness 1/8 of an inch
  • The width of the cuts that it offers is normally ¼, 1/8, 3/8


The following are the pros of Shop-ezy Stainless Steel Jerky Cutting Table With Professional Slicing Knife:

  • The instructions given in the manual book are easy and obvious to understand for getting the slices
  • You can quickly assemble the trimming table for the quick make use of
  • The knife is pretty sharp for reducing the jerky slices equally and flawlessly with no low or high cuts
  • You can clean and clean it quickly in the dishwasher however, not the tiny parts though
  • The business supplies the best customer support to the customers
  • It creates the jerky reducing simple and quick
  • The nonslip feet don’t let the plank slide while reducing jerky for the brand new user or the professional user
  • You can simply add the spacers and take apart them during the cleaning
  • You can buy the stainless steel handguard for more convenience around the finger
  • It works much better than the jerky making electrical slicer


The following are the negatives of Shop-ezy Stainless Steel Jerky Cutting Table with Professional Slicing Knife:

  • You might stash some tiny loose parts of the product after washing in the dishwasher
  • The edges of the table are very sharper. So, be careful while cleaning it.
  • The company should offer even more extra parts with the merchandise

2) Greetings Mountain Jerk Plank + Knife Established

The first name in the list is normally “Hi Mountain Jerky Plank and Knife Established.” The business “Greetings Mountain” is among the principle producers of Jerky Treat in addition to Seasonings for people who would like to make jerky at their house. It becomes extremely easier to prepare jerky with these amazing jerky cutter at home right now. It comprises of all essential things like hardwood trimming table having depths of ¼ inches and 3/8 inches, customized small surface and a razor-razor-sharp knife. Besides all these important parts, the manufacturer also provides inserts for subtle slices of vegetables and meat, spices of unique jerky, and steak flavor. This product is manufactured in the USA.

Technical Specifications of Hi Mountain Jerky Table plus Knife Arranged

Name of ProductHi Mountain Jerky Table plus Knife Set
Item Weight4.8 ounces


The following are the features of Hi Mountain Jerky Board & Knife Set:

  • It consists of a dual-sided hardwood board for jerky cutting.
  • Every single side of the board manufactured for cutting a proper thickness.
  • The buyer will also get a custom-made deep-ground knife.
  • You also get different types of seasonings combined with the item that may help you to make your recipes even more delicious.


Listed below are the benefits of a Hi Mountain Jerky Panel and also Knife Arranged:

  • The jerky cutting panel and the knife are very uncomplicated to make use of.
  • It really is an affordability product.
  • Both things are produce from well-produced and robust quality materials.
  • Additionally it is a great replacement for the full-sized meats slicers.
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Listed below are the downsides of a Hi Mountain Jerky Panel and also Knife Established:

  • The product is not ideal if you would like to cut jerky in bulk amounts. In fact, you may use a power slicer in its place.
  • A incredibly large little bit of meat can be used while slicing as it’s hard to hold a little size piece on the panel.

3) TSM Items Jerky Cutting Panel and 10-inches Slicer Knife

The next name in the list is certainly of TSM Products Jerky Cutting Board and 10-Inch Slicer Knife. Both products i.e. cutting board, as well as a knife, are excellent tools for preparing jerky by cutting strips of entire meat. The jerky cutting board is made up of stainless steel material which is usually pre-set for cutting 1/4 inch pieces for ideal jerky dehydrating. You can also adjust the cutting thickness of the food with the help of a food-grade plastic insert. You can wash the cutting plank together with the knife in a dishwasher for stress-free washing.

Complex Specs of TSM Items Jerky Cutting Plank and 10-inches Slicer Knife

Name of the merchandiseTSM Products Jerky Cutting Table and 10-In . Slicer Knife
Product Sizes16 x 5.3 x 1 inches
Excess weight2 pounds


The following are the features of TSM Products Jerky Cutting Table and 10-In . Slicer Knife:

  • It is an unique jerky cutting tool that helps in cutting thin strips of the jerky or meat.
  • It is manufactured from the durable food-grade stainless steel.
  • The top rack of the table is dishwasher safe which saves you lots of time.
  • The knife is already pre-set for trimming 1/4 inches slices of meats.
  • A food-grade plastic put in can be given together with the items for altering the thickness of slices according to your necessity.


Listed below are the professionals of TSM Products Jerky Cutting Table and 10-In . Slicer Knife:

  • The knife is made up of Stainless Steel which offers more toughness.
  • Both products are quite stress-free to clean as it does not grasp any meat leftover or jerky blood which particular woods can.
  • The table also possesses a slot for keeping the knife which is very useful.
  • It can originate with two elements of plastic material that assist in adjusting the thickness of the meat’s cuts.
  • Since both products aren’t too huge, so that you can shop it easily any place in your kitchen.
  • It’s the best item for planning homemade jerky.
  • Based on the price that your manufacturers offer, the products are truly inexpensive.
  • You can certainly use both items without assistance.


Listed below are the negatives of TSM Products Jerky Cutting Table and 10-In . Slicer Knife:

  • While using these products, you have to make sure that the jerky or the beef needs to be thicker. If the jerky is already very tiny, then you will not be able to cut it correctly.
  • The welding work of the product is very rough which you might feel while using.
  • It is a typical “Made in China” product which is not correctly manufactured.
  • The plastic handle mold of the knife results in an uncomfortable feeling while cutting the jerky.

4) Jerky Panel Knife Arranged Slicer Cut all Meats Beef Poultry Pork Recipe United states Made

The 3rd name inside our set of top 3 Greatest Jerky Cutting Panel and Knife can be Jerky Panel Knife Arranged Slicer Cut All Meats Beef Poultry Pork Recipe United states Made. It isn’t mandatory that you utilize it for slicing jerky slices just; actually, you can slice turkey, vegetables, fruits, and ham with the product quickly. The merchandise is 100% dishwasher secure. This Jerky panel also will not boring or ruin your knives actually after long term use.

Technical Specifications of Jerky Panel Knife Arranged Slicer Cut all Meats Beef Poultry Pork Recipe United states Produced

Name of the merchandiseJerky Panel Knife Arranged Slicer Cut All Meats Beef Poultry Pork Recipe United states Produced
MaterialsPlastic material


Listed below are the top features of Jerky Panel Knife Arranged Slicer Cut All Meats Beef Poultry Pork Recipe United states Produced:

  • The product comprises a Jerky Panel along with slicing knife set which helps in cutting 1/4″ or 3/8″ thick strips of meat perfectly every time you use.
  • It is manufactured from the High-Quality ¾ inches HDPE material which primarily comes to cutting board.
  • The cutting board works best when you use it with a thin blade scale style knife having a size of 8 inches blade or even longer.
  • The product works perfectly for the first time users.
  • The knife is manufactured from 420-grade stainless.
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Listed below are the professionals of Jerky Panel Knife Set Slicer Cut All Meats Beef Chicken Pork Recipe USA Made:

  • The knives are made up of solid stainless steel design so that you do not have to get worried even if it falls.
  • It is very simple to hold and use this product owing to the standard blade thickness and also an exclusive design.
  • In manufacturing the handles, the Polypropylene plastic can be used that offers high flexural strength and level of resistance to moisture in addition to acids.


Listed below are the disadvantages of Jerky Plank Knife Established Slicer Cut All Meats Beef Poultry Pork Recipe United states Produced:

  • You cannot wash the product in a dishwasher as hands wash washing is strongly suggested.
  • You need to instantaneously dried out the merchandise with a napkin in order to avoid the occurrence of the corrosion.

Points to consider While Buying Jerky Reducing Plank and Knife

As such there are not many things which you have to keep in your mind while the buy of a jerky reducing plank and knife, but nonetheless, you can consider the next factors:

1) Durability

The jerky cutting plank and knife should be produce from the long lasting and long-lasting materials. There are several items which are produced from very inexpensive plastic-type material which can be quickly torn out or obtain broken quickly. The same is normally regarding knives. If a knife is created out of stainless, then it will not affect by rust and all.

2) Size

The cutting table comes in different sizes. Therefore, you must buy that product which isn’t just smaller in size but which you can simply store in your kitchen. In fact, the size of the blade of the knife must also be appropriate for cutting any meat and not only jerky.

3) Ease of Use

The table and the knife must be easy to use. We want to state that if you work with the products for the first time, you then must experience an easiness to make use of without any guidance.

4) Dishwasher Safe

The board, as well as the knife, must also be dishwasher safe. It not only saves you lots of time but also helps you in removing any hard stains. Thus, before buying these products, you must always check whether they can be the wash in a dishwasher or not.

5) Warranty Period

There are few manufacturers offering a limited guarantee period provided on the jerky slicing panel and knife. The guarantee period not merely enables you to feel secure while buying the product but also accumulates faith towards the maker of the merchandise.


No, it isn’t mandatory to get a jerky slicing panel and knife. You can only just lower jerky with any knife your own house. But jerky panel and knife provide you a sense of perfection while cutting the slices of the meat.

No, this is not true. Both products are easily available at a very reasonable price rate at numerous online shopping websites like amazon.com

Well! It is beneficial if your knife is made from the stainless steel material of this type of material does not affect by the rust in the long run.

Yes, of course, you can easily use both products without the assistance. It is extremely uncomplicated to utilize the cutting panel and knife. If you still possess any doubt at heart, then you can certainly read the guidelines provided in the manual reserve.

No, all jerky slicing panel and knife aren’t dishwasher secure. You need to examine the top features of the products to know about this condition. But still, if they are not dishwasher safe, then also you can clean them with the help of lemon and water. It not only cleans out the stains easily but also helps in better cleaning.


In the end, we can say that the jerky reducing plank and knife play truly a significant function if you would like to make jerky in a meals dehydrator. It not merely uniformly slice the slices of the jerky but also offers a professional turn to the meals ultimately which you will dsicover in the jerky that’s available at shops.

In the above content, we have truthfully reviewed the very best three greatest jerkies Cutting Plank and Knife. You can pick the item which closely matches your needs and requirements. We are sure that once you buy any one of this product, you will assuredly get amazed by its benefits.

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