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Inside The Secret 19Th Century Tunnel Under

Inside the Secret th Century Tunnel Under Naples that Used to Be an Escape RouteLong before the days of the internet, there was a secret tunnel under Naples that used to be an escape route for the city's residents.

This tunnel, which is now known as the Catacombs of Naples, was discovered in the early s and was used by residents to flee the city during times of siege. The tunnel is approximately three meters deep and two meters wide, and is situated beneath the Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia. It is believed that the tunnel was used by members of the Parthenopean Republic, who opposed the rule of the Bourbon dynasty, to escape to the coast.

The Catacombs of Naples are now open to the public, and are a popular tourist destination.

They provide a unique glimpse into the history of Naples and are a fascinating place to explore.
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