Senior League Bat: Buy The Right One

best youth wood batsIt doesn’t matter whether you’re a kid who just wants to enjoy their baseball season and have some fun, or a professional who wants to win with all of his/her efforts, there’s no better place to do so than the baseball field at a junior baseball league. The benefits of playing in this type of baseball league far outweigh any other type of league. Whether you’re just looking for an opportunity to get out on the field and have some fun, or you are looking to, there is a great deal to be gained from playing in this kind of baseball league. Here’s a look at a few of the benefits.

The first major difference between these two types of leagues is this: Junior league bats are smaller than adult league bats, while senior league bats are larger than their youth counterparts. This is why Junior league bats are called Senior Big Barrels bats. As such, there are many other features that distinguish the two types of bats, including the weight of each bat. For example, one Junior League bat can weigh two pounds and five ounces, while an adult Big Barrel bat can weigh up to nine pounds.

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Another difference is that junior league and senior league baseballs are made differently. Since these two leagues are different, they manufacture two different kinds of bats: the Big Barrel Baseball bat and the Youth Big Barrel bat. The Big Barrel bat is usually manufactured with a more lightweight aluminum frame. This makes the bat lighter and allows it to fly farther, which helps the bat hit the ball farther. On the other hand, the Youth Big Barrel bat is manufactured with a more durable wood frame.

When purchasing a bat, make sure to look at the features that are available. Some of the features that may be available include; adjustable loft, swing weight, flex, length, width, grip thickness, and many others. It may also be possible to purchase a junior league baseball bat with a baseball glove attached, which allows players to practice batting with the baseball bat in advance of actually playing at the field.

A very popular type of bat at this type of league is the junior league bat made by Major League Bat Products. These bats are the result of years of research and development, so that every player is able to use the best product for them. No matter if you play in the tournament or just want to enjoy the game of baseball, you’ll love the features and quality of these bats and how they are manufactured. Major League Bat Products offers the Big Barrel bat, the Youth Big Barrel bat, and the Big Barrel Baseball bat, plus many others.

If you want to be even more certain that the Junior league bat that you choose is the best, then consider looking into purchasing a professional bat made by Major League Bat Products. You will find that the Big Barrel bat is not only built to last, but is guaranteed to hit the ball farther than any other bat. This is a very popular junior league bat and is manufactured to be used in every tournament level.

While this bat is a little bit heavier than the Big Barrel bat, it’s not as long or wide as the Youth baseball bat, which is ideal if you need a bat that can handle the rigors of the game. This bat is also guaranteed to last longer than the Big Barrel, which is nice for those that play regularly or plan to play frequently.

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Since playing in a senior league bat will not allow you to make the transition to professional baseball right away, you may be asked to try out a junior league bat before you are ready to play professionally, or turn pro. In addition, you may have to take a batting class to get better at hitting a baseball, so that you can use the proper bat for your game. Regardless of what level you’re currently playing in, make sure that you are properly equipped by purchasing a junior league baseball bat. For the competitive players, these junior league baseball bats make hitting a baseball easier, while they develop their hitting skills for a possible professional career.

Are you looking for youth wood bats but don’t even know where to start? It’s easy to get lost in the hundreds of options you have available and still not know what you are getting.

Don’t worry.

We have you completely covered and by the time you finish reading you’ll have a great idea what you need.

1 . Marucci CU26 YOUTH MODEL

The CU26 by Marucci is an excellent bat.

The fully balanced design makes it easy to swing and for young players helps maximize their swing velocity.

As with all Marucci wood bats it is bone rubbed which adds density to the barrel. This makes it stronger.

Inside our expertise, Marucci has many of the most long lasting wood bats available!

This bat is constructed of maple and contains a thin deal with style. This makes it simple to grasp for children of all dimensions!

The CU26 will come in dimensions 26in – 31in.

2 . Louisville Slugger Youth Primary Maple Y271

Louisville Slugger has already been making among the best wooden bats available since provided that I can keep in mind.

At one point these were pretty very much the only real wood bat producer. Obviously the marketplace provides since exploded with various brand names, but Louisville Slugger provides maintained their place among the most popular wooden bats you can purchase.

Their youth wooden bats are usually no various and the Primary Maple Y271 is a superb choice for youthful players.

This is the lightest and most balanced youth maple bat that Slugger gives.

The prospective drop for this bat is around -8 ( there can be some minor variation when it comes to wood bats which is why they say “target” drop ).

The Y217 comes in lengths between 27in and 31in.

3. Old Hickory Youth KG1Y

We are big followers of Old Hickory bats and their youth models stack up nicely against any others!

The KG1Y is a sensible bat with a thin handle and a flared knob.

This bat does swing a little heavier than some of the some other models with a maximum drop of -5. The cool point is you can choose between -3, -4 or -5 when you order.

The other nice point about Aged Hickory is it is possible to order all their bats in either maple, ash or birch.

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It is possible to purchase in lengths between 27 and 32 in ..

4. Marucci DW5 Custom made Youth Design

Next on our checklist may be the Marucci DW5 Custom made Youth Design. This bat will be perfectly built for that conventional wood bat experience.

You can obtain it in ash or maple based on what you choose.

Among the items that you’ll like about buying from Marucci may be the capability to customize your bat on the site. Handle colour, barrel colour, engraving and knob stamp are simply some of the a lot of options you’ll get.

Some upgrades will enhance the cost however they are offered if you select!

You can even select the weight from -4 to -6.

The DW5 comes in lengths of 26-31 in ..

5. B45 Bats B271 Professional Select Share

B45 bats are usually perhaps one of the most popular producers of birch bats. Birch is really a softer, even more flexible wood that may often result in even more “whip” in the swing.

This helps it be a nice choice for youth gamers looking to put in a several mph with their bat quickness!

Birch has a “ split in” period however, so it takes some time for the wood to harden on effect. You may see some small indentions when using the bat for the first time but don’t be concerned this shouldn’t affect overall performance!

In addition, the forgiveness will likely be much better than ash or maple. Some younger players may prefer this and prevent the stingers off the end of the bat!

Again the B271 is a balanced design just like a great deal of the other youth wood bat models in the marketplace.

It has a maximum drop of -5 and comes in sizes 27in-30in.

6. Rawlings Velo Ash Wood Bat

The Velo Ash bat by Rawlings is an excellent option for lots of youth gamers. The 7/8in ultra slim deal with with a tac-grip ensures optimum feel.

They guarantee a fall of -7. 5 with the Velo so that you can make sure to are getting an extremely lighting and balanced style.

That is among the much better ash bats obtainable in a youth design and the colour scheme is excellent aswell!

It will come in sizes 27-29in.

7. Easton MAKO Youth Ash

The Easton Mako is a wildly well-known metal bat selection for players however they also give this design in a wooden bat!

Much like the metal edition the youth ash is made to be well balanced. It includes a thin deal with and a cupped finish.

The fall is between -7 and -10 which means you are receiving the lightest wooden bat offered.

It will come in sizes 27 to 31 in ..

8. Louisville Slugger 2020 Youth Flylite

In the event that you aren’t searching for a youth bat made of superior lumber and wish something that is simpler on the wallet then your Flylite by Louisville Slugger is a superb option.

It really is built out of poplar so it’s not likely to end up being as durable as a maple or ash bat. Again it’s difficult to get the top of the collection wood at a highly discounted price.

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The big advantage, however, is that this bat will likely be very light at a -10. This would be desired for really young players that don’t have the strength to swing a heavier bat.

The youth Flylite is available in 27-30in lengths.

Things To Consider When Buying a Youth Wood Bat

What should you look for in a youth wood bat?

The two biggest things are:

  • Excess weight
  • Durability

Let’s take a glance at each…

Excess weight

For a lot of young players, the balance and overall excess weight of a bat can have a large impact on how they swing the bat and even in their development over time.

Wood bats have the tendency to be a bit more top weighty than most of the steel bats from the marketplace today. This may lead to bat drag along with other conditions that you wouldn’t desire to introduce since they are employing a wooden bat.

Sometimes is way better to opt for an inferior size to avoid these problems.

Inside our list we’ve options from -4 completely to -10. Lighter in weight doesn’t continually mean better as you will undoubtedly be sacrificing strength at get in touch with.

Nevertheless if the bat is certainly overweight for the ball player to swing you then are causing even more harm than good!


You might or might not understand that not absolutely all wooden bats are manufactured equal!

Sometimes a lesser price implies that the standard of the wood isn’t as high. This can lead to early chipping, cracking and even breaking.

The last thing you want is to buy a really cheap bat and have to replace it after a handful of uses. Wood bats can actually last a very long time if you make the right pick!

The grain on the bat can tell you a lot about the quality of the wood. Usually for ash bats, lower grain count equals a higher quality wood.

Pay attention to the description the manufacturer provides on their website or packaging. They may have a rating on the wood quality.

Another option will be you can see if any of the youth models have blem wood bats obtainable.

These are bats that have mostly cosmetic errors but are very high quality. Since something like the paint or logo was messed up they sell at a much cheaper price!

Youth baseball players usually have a lower swing speed, and this can often be helpful if you want the bat to last a long time!

The lower the swing rate, the less likely a gamer is to crack a wood bat. If someone has an above average swing rate for his or her age, you may want to look at a higher quality wood.


There are a lot of great choices when it comes to finding the best youth wood bats.

The price mainly depends on the quality of wood and the amount of hand crafting that goes in to the bat.

For around $60-70 you can get a very high quality bat that should last quite a while if treated properly.

Remember, the faster the swing speed the more likely a bat will break on a miss hit. With wood bats it’s simply the price we pay for that classic sound and feel!


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